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Placing Secure Online Orders offers secure online ordering which allows you to send your orders for our immediate processing. This is the most preferred method. You can directly use our shopping cart ordering system. Online orders are confirmed instantly by an auto-reply email.

Easy Steps:

1) Register with us by pressing "MY ACCOUNT" on the top right corner.

2) Using our powerful search engine or from our catalogues to select the item, you then can press the "Add to Cart" button.

3) When putting all your selected items into the shopping cart, you can select the country and the shipping method to find out the total shipping charges (charges are usually lower than the total sum of individual items). Next, press the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

4) You arrive the Checkout Counter, if you have signed in. You need to check all information on the page (and enter the promotion code, if any), and then select your preferred shipping method and finally press the "Place the Order" button.

5) When you click the Visa/Mastercard icon, you will enter to our page showing you how much Hong Kong Dollars will be charged. We use the exchange rate of US$1 = HK$7.8. If you accept it, you can then enter to our bank's secured page for payment. In case you payment is rejected, please contact your card issuing bank directly for the reasons or simply use another credit card to complete the transaction. Sometimes, it is just because of the Verified by Visa new feature. Alternatively, you can fax us your credit card information at 852-2865-7076 to complete the order.

6)When the payment is completed, an email of "Payment Receive Notification" will be sent to you.


Placing E-mail Orders

If for some reasons you cannot use our shopping cart ordering system or you prefer to use e-mail for ordering, you may send e-mail orders to You need to email us your ordering details as:

E-mail Address:
Shipping and Billing address (if different):
Payment Method: Visa, Mastercard
Shipping Method: Surface, Airmail or Speedpost

Product number, product name, unit price, quantity of each item you wish to order.

If you select to pay by Visa or Mastercard, we will email you the form to fill in credit card information and then please fax back to us at 852-2865-7076.

E-mail orders are usually confirmed in 2 working days.


Placing Fax Orders

Please fax your order to 852-2865-7076. Please include the same information in your Fax as with e-mail ordering above. Fax orders are usually confirmed within in 2 working days.

Should you require any assistance, please contact us at Happy Shopping.
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