New Shipping option @

March 2023

After years of preparation, we are proud to annouce the new shipping option for the following 5 countries:

  • United States of America (Local 4-7 days)

  • United Kingdom (Royal Mail 4-6 days)

  • Canada (Canada Post 4-7 days)

  • Australia (Australia Post 4-7 days)

  • Malaysisa (Malaysisa Post 5-7 days)

All localized shipping method are added to those 5 countries. The goods will be handled and dispatched from the respectives offices.

Global Warehouse

Since 2019, the worldwide mailing system undergo a major changes. The postage cost between Asia, USA,UK,Australia,Europe increase to a large extend. With the COV19 pandemic, the suitation has become more worst.

In response, we start our global warehouse project by 2020. We havenow establish logistics unit in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Malaysisa; in addition to our base unit in China and Hong Kong. This extended our operational units to seven throughout the world. The project for EU is underway, we will notify everyone when it is ready.

After months of trial operation, we can now publicly announce our services to public for those 5 countries.

Shipping Method Added for USA customer (UPS)

All USA 48 states order will be send via, our facilities located in KS where it will take 3-7 days to reach most 48 states address. Tracking# will be provided.

Royal Mail for U.K. customer (Royal Mail)

U.K. orders will be send via Royal Mail, it will take 4-6 days in average to arrive your location.

Canada Post for Canada customer (Canada Post)

All Canada orders will be send via Canada Post from our office in BC, it will takes 4-7 days in average to reach your location.

APO (Australia Post Office) for Australia customer (Australia Post)

All Australia orders will be send via APO from our Melbourne office and depending on the location, it will take 4-7 days (West Australia)

Malayasia Post

All Malayasia orders will be send via Malayaisa post from our KUL office, it will take 5-7 days to arrive.


Regional Warehouse

The new shipping services only offer for the "in stock" items within the respective regional office. For items that are not yet in stock in those office, you need to select other shipping method/cost to send from HQ from HK/China.


New Search Filter

We have added a new search box within the search function to allow you to filter the "in stock" item from particular regional office. Backorder and Pre-order items only appear in "Global" selection. For all other country setting, only "in stock" items will be displayed.

You can see a new option - country on the search box. It can help to filter what is stock in that country for given brand list and other search critieria.


Ordering Non In Stock Item

Our local mailing option only support "in stock" item within a particular region, if you add something not available within that country/shipping method, the system will let you know and you cannot place the order.

If you have added an item which is not in stock within the country to your cart, you have two choices. You can either remove the item from the cart and make a new order with other shipping method or you can choose to send the entire order using different shipping option.

Custom or surcharges

As the order being shipped from the related local office, there will be no custom charges will happen.